Ambassadors – Boka Buddies

These are just some of the Bokamoso Ambassadors! Their role is to make sure that everyone knows about our project!

Akhona a.k.a. Yabo
Akhona is a fast learner and adapts fast to new surroundings. He loves participating in activities, and is one dude that is not shy to do anything at all. He loves making jokes so Akhona is definitely a fun to be with dude.


When you first meet her, you may think she’s shy, but that is far from the truth! She embraces all people with her warm personality. Easy interaction and when talking we can express our open and honest opinion to each other.. Oh, and lets not forget the good laugh!!


Asanda Africander a.k.a. Ace
Super energetic; if Eskom used Ace as an energy source, power outages would be a thing of the past. He is in love with the hip hop beat, and is one of the few peeps able to relay a message through rap. Cool guy to be around and always gets a laugh out of anyone and everyone.


The daughter of the soil. Barbra is a true and proudly African young lady. She is in touch with her roots. Barbra is very creative, loves fashion and she even designs and make her own clothing, jewelers and even handbags. The way she embraces her culture and does not shy away from it makes me look up to her and admire who and what she represents


Booker-Tee Hartley
Social butterfly! Bold, confident, Straight-forward, sweet-hearted girl. Always strives for perfection but at the same time willing to show her crazy side and break it down. Never shies away from a challenge. Always real - what you see is what you get.


The pEARL of wisdom... not only is earl fun to be around, and always laughing and smiling but he is full of wisdom for someone so young... he makes it easy to engage in open and honest conversation... he also takes a genuine interest in people these traits make him likable or lovable... a rare to find... Just like a pEARL..


Kersten Dowling
Easy approachable and a pleasure to have a chat with. Readily available to lend a helping hand out or just crash with and have a good old chat. If you need some help with the Cape Town lingo, Kersten is the one you holla at.


Luyolo Sishuta a.k.a. Lulu
Bubbly, spontaneous and on a permanent happy high……are just a few words to describe Lulu. Outspoken, expressive and talented... that’s Lulu! Never a dull moment around her, you’ve got to be all cheery and happy around Lulu; it’s impossible not to.


Cute and quirky! She is a really bright girl and her good natured ways rub off on the individuals around her. The young actress, Masego has been on television, she loves reading, she is very smart for her age. If you want to see a real girl, then Masego is your girl!


Modichaba Masebelanga a.k.a. Chabz
My main man Chabz. Awesome! Would probably be the best word to describe Chabz. The guy’s got swagg to spare, what can I say! Considerate of everyone and everything around him and willing to lend a helping hand when someone’s in need. Exceptionally humble and a crazy cool guy to be around.


Mr. President... a young gentleman who is informed about the things that are happening around him and around the world at large. He is not that much of a talker, but when he talks everybody listens because he always makes a statement. Mohau is our next Obama, because he sure does have a dream!


Moegamat Jardine
Mr Casanova…..the ladies’ man. Easy going, well liked guy. Always keen for a good time and will go out of his way to make others feel welcome and happy when in his presence.


Nkululeko Mthethwa
Quite the shy guy; only talks when needed. Once you get the conversation flowing, you find out that he has a lot to offer and get to know the real Nkulu. He has awesome stories, and has an interesting way of thinking about the world...


Sheldon White a.k.a. Snowflake
Always buzzing around with a smile on his face, that’s Sheldon. Much the extrovert and never shy or afraid to interact. Sheldon is a happy dude, he always rubs off his happiness to those around him, this is of because he likes making jokes and those having everybody giggle.


Zareen Hoosain
Zareen… South Africa’s next top model! Underneath the tough exterior, this has to be one of the most down to earth, friendly and kind-hearted person out there. Always willing to help, Zareen has that pleasant, friendly aura when you are around her.